Bio-Acoustical Driven Visual Generator

The Dreamo project is aimed at developing semi-automatic videographic generation in real-time, based on biomedical sensors and audio inputs.


Why Dreamo

Our idea

What if a device was able to read and display emotions, making unique your musical and artistic performance?

Dreamo is the perfect match between technology and human emotions.
The purpose of Dreamo is to generate a graphical display representing the artist's emotions and the mood of music

On the basis of aesthetic and psychological principles, Dreamo generates an abstract video in real time by changing various parameters and choosing the scene that better fits in a particular execution or interpretation.

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is the construction of a machine that generates a graphical display that varies depending on the data obtained by music analysis and biological sensors, worn by the musician/artist. This allows to capture the unique state of a musical performance

If you are interested you can learn more by browsing this document (The document is in italian. An english version will be available soon).

Target and intended use

Dreamo is intended primarily to musicians and DJ who would like to add to their performances abstract video projections , but do not want to worry about the way in which these abstract videos are generated.

Device structure

One of the key points of the project is the use of two types of inputs at the same time: the input of body sensors and the music, which collaborate in the mood detection and in the subsequent video generation

Dreamo is based on the Raspberry PI and Arduino platforms, which will be exploited respectively for audio and biomedical sensors management. The Raspberry will also manage the video generation and projection.

We also chose the open-source programming language Processing, based on Java, which is suited to handle multimedia and graphical aspects.

If you are interested you can learn more by browsing this document.

Dreamo Teamo

Who we are

Francesco Cretti

Giovanni Bologni

Luciano Prono

Nicola Ruffino

Andrea Gambedotti